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Mission Statement

The mission of G.C.C is to seek exceptionally promising of all backgrounds from across the nation and around the world, to educate them through mental  discipline and social experience, to develop their intellectual, moral civic and creative capacities to the fullest. The aim of this education is the cultivation of citizens with a rich awareness of our heritage to lead and serve in every sphere  of human activity.

The greater investment of any nation is the human resource development, which enables the young generation to face the challenges of future. To achieve this objective there is a need to provide a system of carefully designed & supervises education


Motto Symbol
Faith, Honesty Prosperity Candle
Intellect be advanced Pen
Enlightened life for ever Sun
  Named After
  Hazrat Fatima-tu-Zuhra R.A. Red
  Hazrat Ayesha Siddiqua R.A. Blue
  Hazrat Khaulla R.A Green



Our aim is to provide quality education to the girls in the most healthy environment and prepare them for the secondary and intermediate examination. Conducted by the Board of intermediate and secondary Education Abbottabad.


Objectives to Achieve

At the college, we aim to achieve the following Objectives:

  1. Good quality education up to inter leave, including use computers and other training aids.
  2. Character building and personality development.
  3. Preparing students as confident and responsible citizens of Pakistan.
  4. Enlightenment about fundamentals of Islam is our ideology.
  5. Extra curricular and co-curricular activities leading to development of mind and body
  6. Provide opportunity to promising students to join professional colleges and continue their studies.
  7. Leadership training to prepare girls to be commissioned in the armed forces of Pakistan i.e. Army, Air-Force & Navy.

The greater investment of any nation is the human resource development, which enables the young generation to face the challenges of future. To achieve this objective there is a need to provide a system of carefully designed & supervises education, enabling them to confidently face the challenges during the new millennium.

The necessity was felt to increase the number to ensure better opportunity of education for girls. There was a great Demand from parents from abroad as well as from country side. To provide residential facilities in the college, the college is new fully a residential institution, already 200 students are living in the hostel. The plan is to extend it to 400. The campus is fully equipped with all allied facilities.

The college buildings are new, with all modern facilities. The class rooms are specious and well furnished. The laboratories are modern and well equipped and the college library has over two thousand books. There are plenty of opportunities for sports and hiking etc. Computer education is port of the curriculum.


College Management

It is a private institution but setup with noble objectives and pioneer spirit. Beside quality education, we provide very protective and satisfying environment. Essential for the growth of young girls. The atmosphere in the College is friendly.

At the college, we have a management committee, which look-after the day to day needs of the college. the composition of the committee is as under:-

  1. Administrator and Chief Executive (CE).
    • M. A. Javaid
  2. Principal
    • Farzana Javaid
  3. Members
    • Amjad Mahmud
    • Muhammad Usman
    • Muhammad Zeeshan
    • Zaheer Ahmed
    • Miss Hira
    • Miss Sadaf
  4. College Superintendent
    • Altaf Ahmed


Faculty & Staff

The principal is the in charge of the academic section and the faculty.The senior most faculty member of each subject is head of department and supervises curriculum of the prospective subject.Physical training ,drill and training of college band is supervised by the physical training drill and band instructions from Army [Non Commissioned Officer]

We have excellent facilities for teaching intermediates classes. Besides qualified and experienced teachers, the laboratory facilities for subject of physics, Chemistry Bio and computer Science are as good as anywhere in Pakistan. The study time is extended by holding evening classes/preps, where teachers are available for guidance and help. Thus we overcome the shortage of time available in 1st year for the annual exam. Similar planning is done for the 2nd year.

The faculty is highly qualified, experienced and dedicated to the cause of education. Selection is on merit and professional competence. All of our teachers hold master’s degree in respective Subjects.


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